The YOuyii Project
Yellow Octopus
Print & Packaging Campaign & Experiences
YO + Uyii = YOuyii
(pronounced ‘you yi’)

The YOuyii Project started out as a collaboration with local bag company Uyii to make a call to embrace “endangered universal values” in order to preserve the humanity in our fast-paced society. These are neglected “mammoths in the room” we wished to address through the Project.

The end product of the collaboration, with KPP roped in for their packaging expertise once again, was a vintage cardboard luggage encasing a hand-sewn YOuyii Plushie and YOuyii Booklet entitled “There is a Mammoth in the Room”. There are three types of Plushies – Woolly, Dino and Dodo. The YOuyii Box Set can be purchased on the Uyii website.

The word “YOuyii” itself is pronounced ‘you yi’, translated as “with meaning” when read a certain way in Mandarin (according to Chinese pinyin or pronunciation). Depending on the Chinese characters used, there’s more than one meaning to ‘you yi’. We used six different variations for The YOuyii Booklet, each with a different universal value.