Paperweight Awards 2017
Antalis Singapore
Publication Campaign & Experiences Print & Packaging Spatial Design
“The future of paper is in your hands.”
— Christophe Balaresque, Marketing Director, Arjowiggins Creative Papers

As an ardent advocate of paper, Antalis has made it its business to live out this philosophy.

Wanting to honour paper’s natural ambassadors, Antalis created The Paperweight Awards in 2014 to recognise design and print heavyweights who have produced outstanding works printed on the Arjowiggins Creative Papers range.

We are grateful to join Antalis on their journey to establish a platform that celebrates and educates people on paper’s beauty, delight and wonder.

Being involved has reaffirmed our conviction that paper is a precious means with which meaningful dialogue and emotional connections are crafted through tactility, form and aesthetics.