FairPrice Xtra (Parkway Parade)
FairPrice Group
F & B
Spatial Design Brand Identity Campaign & Experiences
A new gem has risen in the East! Food and Art? We say there’s never been a more Xciting collision of two of our favourite things!

A nod to the store’s Xcellent location along Singapore’s coast and Peranakan belt, we had the Xtra wonderful opportunity of bringing food to life with our concept ‘Where Worlds of Food Collide’.

Turning the iconic Xposed skylights of Parkway Parade into a Xtra-large canvas (8m x 10m!), our colourful murals provide shoppers an Xperience of a whimsical world where possibilities are endless. With Xclusive seating for cooked meals, collections of spices, and food stations, our team also had the opportunity to create way finders that helped shoppers Xplore the nooks and crannies of the Xpansive store.