Ace Your Day
Print & Packaging
“The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong… But time and chance happen to them all.” — King Solomon

Can one succeed without winning or is success only for an elite few? Therefore, is chance a gamble or truly an opportunity in disguise?

As the world looks ahead to 2018, we propose to stop, reflect, and see time and chance in fresh light.

Success is for those who dare — those who stick their necks out, those not afraid to look silly and embarrass themselves, those prepared to fall flat on their face. Simply put, success comes to those who take their chances.

Every day offers us a chance of a lifetime and we all have the same 365 days to make it count.

The calendar is intentionally fashioned like a deck of playing cards, emphasising that time and chance are in our hands, with the goal to win.

So is chance a gamble, or an opportunity in disguise? With the right attitude in hand, success is a matter of time.

“ Ace Your Day ” is our invitation to make chance a choice, encouraging all to take risks, and explore the unexpected for ourselves.

We embraced this in our collaboration with MukimFancy Paper and Sang Choy by working with different paper stocks and printing techniques, resulting in a unique visual spectacle every month.

Awards Won

• Merit Award, Designer Self-promotions category, 2018 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards