Temasek Foundation Report 2020
Temasek Foundation
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Impact often is invisible to the eye, similarly are those who labour behind the scenes.
With a heart and mandate that no one should be left behind, the unseeable future can be built with compassion and conviction, into one that we envision.

The work of Temasek Foundation covers great breadth and depth, and brings to light many overlooked gaps in society. With the concept of ‘Invisible’, we bring to light the many people and programmes that make the extensive work of Temasek Foundation possible.

We were also presented with the challenge of conceptualising a print annual report that also ran in tandem with an immersive microsite that could bring out the lives behind the scenes. After close interaction with their work, what stood out to us were stories from their partners, beneficiaries, and staff on the ground.

Through interviews, videos, and soundbites, Temasek Foundation’s efforts came to life, giving a voice to the invisible work and hands that are extended to into the community every day.