Isles of Eden
Isles of Eden
Videography Print & Packaging Brand Identity
What does perfection look like to you?

For Isles of Eden, the oceans represent perfection. The waters bring forth life, while providing life for the millions of organisms it harbours.

Of this is the age-old delicacy; the sea cucumber. Known for its high nutritional content and health benefits, the sea cucumber is lauded as one of the ‘Eight Treasures of the Sea’.

A love for the ocean was how the Isles of Eden brand identity was conceived– a call to reverse the tide of sea cucumber exploitation, and to return the oceans to their original states of perfection.

We were excited to have the opportunity of bringing the brand to life by designing new product packaging, Maldivian climate-appropriate uniforms, stationery, and corporate videos to extend awareness of cultivating sea cucumbers through healthy and responsible mariculture practices.

Diving deep into the pure waters of Maldivian lagoons, we featured water motifs throughout to represent fluidity, and the naturalness of how everything returns back to basics; from perfection into perfection.