Steadfast Money Transfers
Steadfast Money Transfers
Banking and Finance
We understand that blood, sweat and toil goes into making every dime.

So when remitting money, it is especially crucial that the experience is smooth and secure. This is what Steadfast Money Transfer promises every customer — friendly service and attentive care that make them “Smile from end to end”.

The new Steadfast brand identity was inspired by the positive attitudes of the Steadfast team, who handles hard-earned money on a daily basis with utmost care and respect.

The Steadfast essence was conveyed through a constellation, alluding to the extent of the invisible connections Steadfast makes with its customers.

We were also thoroughly thrilled with the opportunity of bringing the brand to life at their new location on level 2 of Lucky Plaza by extending Steadfast’s promise to its premises, where customers can experience ease of mind and the assurance of being in good hands.