Chicky Fun
Chicky Fun
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There's a New Chick on the Block!

Incorporated 21 years ago in 1994, Chicky Fun needed to relook at their existing brand position to create a new one that would resonate with a new generation of clients (i.e. Millennials, Gen Y & Gen Z).

Coupled with the COVID Pandemic situation that has disrupted face-to-face dining consumer behaviours and ushering all F&B businesses into digital platforms, it is opportune for Chicky Fun to pivot for a stronger brand recall and keep pace with their growth and expansion plans from coffeeshops to retails malls. 

We brought the hawker-spirit to cafe culture that keeps the dining culture affordable, convenient, communal and fun! The brand refresh has just been recently hatched in July 2021 and the first store opening on 18 August 2021.